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Lógica Astrologica

As above so below There's music in the planets there's music in the earth. Celestial bodies shine thru a kaleidoscope Lights and colors warmth entrance Rhythmic vibrations to get up and dance. The skies are alive the sun isn't dead From Mercury to Pluto That I Am... divine correspondence.

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Postural control is controlled by supraspinal mechanisms which may be influenced by gonadal steroids. The aim of this study was to investigate, whether this relationship between sex steroid levels and differences in postural control could also be found in the elderly. The postural control of 133 elderly female and female matched younger participants was assessed by measuring the sway of the centre of pressure in the anteroposterior and the mediolateral direction. Changes of the posture (absolute values, absolute and relative changes and fluctuation) and the symmetry of the body distribution between the two legs were also determined. Lower concentrations of free testosterone in elderly women were significantly related to larger fluctuations of the anteroposterior sway. These findings cannot be explained by other sex hormones, body fatness, anteroposterior asymmetry or low physical activity. We suggest that changes in free testosterone levels in elderly women result in a deterioration of the anteroposterior posture. This may in part be counteracted by higher levels of estrogen in these participants.The world’s attention is turning to the crisis in Syria, but the crisis in Venezuela is rapidly drawing the world’s attention too. On Wednesday, after months of increasing violence and chaos, Nicolás Maduro tried to assume more powers within his government. The day was a last-ditch effort by Maduro to hold on to power, but before that day had arrived, he had lost the support of the military and his key regional partners. This week, I join my colleagues in the Diplomatic Roundtable podcast to discuss what’s happening in Venezuela and its impact on the region, the outlook for the United States, and, as always, what that means for the world.Q:

Trajectory optimization in Python

I want to implement an optimization algorithm to find the best trajectory, given a starting position and a goal.
As input, I need a graph, where every vertex represents a position on the plane.
Any suggestions for the algorithm I should choose?


Ok, my first attempt was a “convex quadr https://serv.biokic.asu.edu/ecdysis/checklists/checklist.php?clid=4353


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According to the revised law regarding the control of personal information (hereinafter “the law”), Kumamoto city government will cancel the data recorded by the two devices, which were fully owned by the local government. The law states that private firms and organizations that transfer high-security and emergency data to institutions should return it to the government.

The “evangelization bureau” and two other devices, KCL-018 and KCL-042, were used in high-security and emergency situations. According to the bureau’s documents, the total cost of the two devices amounted to around $200,000 (¥2.9 million).

Kumamoto city government’s move will make the law more effective, as the city has decided to return the devices. However, no time has yet been set for the device transfer.

Reached for comment, the bureau explained that the legal basis for returning the two devices was “their redundant function.”

In 2016, Japan enacted the Personal Information Protection Law, which states that privacy and security of personal information must be protected.

The law covers not only large-scale, nationwide organizations but also small-scale and non-governmental entities.

According to the BBC, Japan is the first G7 country to enact such a law.

© Japan TodayA cyto- and histogenetic study of the midgut in the fetus of the eutherian mammal Tursiops truncatus, the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).
The midgut of Tursiops has been studied in 5 fetuses of different stages of development. Histologically




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