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Mobile Partner SMS Extractor X64 [2022] - SONG SIGNS

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Mobile Partner SMS Extractor X64 [2022]









Mobile Partner SMS Extractor Crack+

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor is an extension of the mobile data backup tool Huawei Mobile Partner, specially designed to work with SMS backup files generated by the mobile data backup tool.
To decode the target file, specify the name of the file as well as the path to it. The program generates a new file called data.txt as a result.
The program is functional using command prompt and may need to be started with administrative rights.
The program is designed to be run on Windows OS platforms.

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor Screenshots:

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor Video:

System Requirements:
The Mobile Partner SMS Extractor works only with SMS backups created through Mobile Partner utility.
In order to be able to start using the software, you will need an Huawei 3G modem.
Supported OS:
Microsoft Windows 7 (all editions)
Supported Serial Numbers:
The program can handle all versions of Huawei mobile data back-ups.

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor information:
Mobile Partner SMS Extractor utility is only available as a free and a trial version.
The trial version may not be used for commercial purposes. It doesn’t include a 3G USB modem and it may not be activated.
The full version can be purchased as a registered user of 4shared website or by using the link below.
Download link (4shared):

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor was verified as virus and malware-free after a detailed scan with several leading antivirus software.
Download and use Mobile Partner SMS Extractor at your own risk. Please consider this before download.

2016 Mobile Partner SMS Extractor Results:

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor is a program that is created to work with data extracted from an exported Huawei backup file containing SMS text messages.
The SMS files may be from before or after the time that an internet connection was established, so those who have problems with their connection cannot guarantee that the created file will work with the software in a perfect way.
Mobile Partner SMS Extractor is only available as a free version for non-commercial use.
A full version, that comes with a 3G USB modem and

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor

Key features:
* Decodes any SMS data file created by the Huawei Mobile Partner utility.
* Data2.txt contains the decoded message (in case the target was correct).
* Uses no special device drivers
* Simple to use
* No special knowledge is required
* Direct access to the SMS resource
* No time delay since the SMS files are already encoded by the Huawei utility.
* No need to install any extra tools.
* Works on all Windows platforms (XP, Vista, Win7)
* Updates supported for 3G/GSM/UMTS phones (Huawei Eseries, H3, H5, H6, K3, K5, K7, K9, K15, K30, K31, K35, K37, K56, F5)
* There is also an option to receive SMS messages (through WAP or SMS gateway)
* SMS reply function that can be used to reply to the messages using a smartphone
* The SMS reply can be configured in several ways, like sending the message as an SMS reply to the number from which the message was received (SMS keyword if an SMS reply is received)
* The SMS reply is also configurable to be sent as a MMS to the number from which the message was received.
* Supports multiple recipients
* Several output options (plain text, HTML, RTF and others)
* Versions for 3G/GSM, HSUPA, EDGE, GPRS/UMTS
* Supports multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese
* Language support can be enabled or disabled from the main window.
* Language support can be enabled for text messages only (not for other options like MMS and replies).
* Supports multiple fields at the same time
* Preferably most of the text and special symbols are displayed in the unicode format.
* Configurable font sizes and color settings
* Supports Unicode (UTF-8) text and binary files (the application can take care of both)
* Safe to use
* Supports software anti-virus scanning
* Very easy to install
* Virus scanning can be activated on the main window
* FAQ section
* Support forum (in English)
* Regular updates
* Support for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7
* Fast
* Highly configurable
* Compatible with all Windows

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor With Keygen

Read your SMS binary backups made through Mobile Partner by decoding them.
Don’t lose your valuable SMS data anymore as it’s now possible to extract your SMS file backups from Mobile Partner, that is, software developed by Huawei.
Extract data messages from your Huawei mobile network subscription using this SMS binary file extractor from the command line. You need a Huawei compatible mobile phone to extract SMSs from your phone. The file you want to extract must be named sms.dtc.
This Huawei SMS binary extractor can extract SMS data from Huawei mobile network or even from its replacement is the HSDPA Data Service.
To extract SMSs from HSDPA Data Service on your Huawei phone, please go to the HSDPA Data Service option in the Utility Center of Huawei Mobile Partner and select SMS Backup option. You can download them to your computer.
This extractor works with SMS backup files created on Huawei Mobile Partner and supports both HSDPA and 3G networks.
The files are saved in ASCII format and once extracted the resulting files will be saved in data2.txt format.
This tool can extract only SMSs, will not work with calls, picture messages or files, and it won’t work on a file system other than FAT32 and NTFS.
The specification of the program will help you extract texts from any Huawei phone, but you will need a Huawei compatible mobile phone.
How to use:
1) Download Huawei SMS extractor from the official website:

2) Extract the downloaded archive file to any location on your computer.
3) Run the script as an administrator.
4) Input the path to the sms.dtc file on your computer. If the file is not found on your computer, it should be created by Mobile Partner. If it is already found and the file is too large, you may need to exclude it from the extraction process.
5) Select the folder where you want to store the extracted files.
6) Input the name for the created data2.txt file.
7) You can now extract your data and use it for your own personal use.
1) A Huawei compatible mobile phone.
2) If the SMS file you want to extract is too large to be saved on your computer, you can zip the backup from Mobile Partner and then extract it.
I’ve created an application, myBackupFileExtractor, which

What’s New in the?



System Requirements For Mobile Partner SMS Extractor:

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2, 2000 SP3 or later
Video: 1280×800
800×600, 640×480
Minimum 6MB
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Welcome to the Sandbox.
– The game is not intended for children and/or novices.
– The game is not intended for children


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