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GPSComplete Crack Download (April-2022)

Owning outdated hardware or software components usually requires you to upgrade them, but that can be a costly operation.
Fortunately, turning to third-party software can help you in this situation and spare you the upgrade costs. One of the applications mentioned above is GPSComplete.
Lightweight application with a simple user interface
This program comes with a minimalistic layout that organizes its functions in standard menus, thus allowing you to access them in a convenient manner, without spending time looking for them.
Although this utility was designed to help users map old, Bluetooth or COM-based GPS devices to newer sensor devices, you can also test its functions without any actual hardware.
It comes with no help documentation, therefore you need medium to advanced PC knowledge in order to operate it accordingly.
Supports a wide variety of drivers
GPSComplete packs numerous drivers that allow you to adapt older devices to newer interfaces, or the other way around, if your software components are out of date. You can achieve that by relying on the Transfer Tool and defining the required parameters.
You can choose to install sensor and COM port drivers on your system by relying on the dedicated functions and choosing the most suitable option for your situation. After installing a driver, it is possible to uninstall it without effort, if you want to test a different one.
Run tests for each of the components
This application provides you with a few functions that allow you to test the functionality of each supported component. For instance, you can test the sensor functions or the COM port and also perform ILocation queries.
To sum it up, GPSComplete is a lightweight, handy application that allows you to map outdated GPS so that you can use them with newer applications and the other way around. It comes with a simple user interface, various drivers and test modules, but features no help documentation whatsoever.


Download ✵✵✵ https://urllio.com/2ncjov

Download ✵✵✵ https://urllio.com/2ncjov






GPSComplete Crack+ Free

GPSComplete is a multi-tool software that allows you to map an older GPS to a different software interface, if the latter is not compatible with an old version of the GPS.
It manages Bluetooth or COM-based GPS via a special device driver and can map the interface to the sensor part, if you have access to it.
It contains a variety of functions and tools that allow you to carry out different tests on the available sensors.
In addition, it features a simple user interface that organizes the functions in standard menus and allows you to access them in a convenient manner.
Convert your legacy hardware to new apps
GPSComplete enables you to map an old GPS interface to another one via a driver for Bluetooth and COM, allowing you to use it with the latest apps and the other way around, if the newer software interface is not compatible with an old version of the GPS.
It organizes all of its functions in two different tabs, one of which contains the conversion tool. The other tab contains a wide variety of modules that allow you to run different tests and queries on the GPS interface.
Serves as the middleman between the legacy software and the newer interface
As we said, the application comes with a converter that allows you to map an old GPS interface to a newer one, or the other way around, if the older software interface is not compatible with an old version of the GPS.
It comes with a few functions that allow you to run tests, such as PRN, Carrier, UTC offset and User time, on the GPS interface.
In addition, you can use it to send speed, heading and other command settings to the newer interface, or query some data and send it back to the legacy software.
You can compare the interface via its screenshot and decide to keep or discard it. You can also send the image to your PC desktop.
Supports drivers for Bluetooth and COM interfaces
The application comes with various drivers that allow you to connect to legacy Bluetooth or COM-based GPS. You can use them to connect a legacy GPS to a modern sensor application, or the other way around, if you have access to it.
Serves as the middleman between the legacy software and the Bluetooth or COM interface
With GPSComplete, you can send speed, heading and other command settings to the Bluetooth or COM-based interface.
Can test the driver’s functions
GPSComplete comes with some modules that allow you to perform different tests on the driver


GPSComplete is a small utility designed to assist you in connecting and using existing GPS modules with a newer hardware configuration. The application was designed in a user friendly manner to make the process of connecting simpler and easier.
It is composed of three parts:
– The first one contains a series of functions that allow you to transfer the settings of existing GPS modules to a sensor port, or to port the settings back to a GPS port.
– In addition, the utility includes a test module for each component. After installing a driver, you can run a test to verify the abilities of the device and ensure that it can be used with the new configuration.
– The last part of the tool provides you with a list of components that are supported by the utility.
All the functions and features of the program can be accessed through the main menu, from where you can also access the configuration options.
The configuration process is very simple. After the component drivers are installed, you can choose the COM port or sensor port on the interface menu.
After choosing the port, the start menu on the left will show up, from which you can choose the driver.
After choosing a driver, you can install it by clicking on the ‘Allow’ button. The installation process will take a few minutes. After installing the driver, you can test the sensor device by using a new configuration file that has been created by the utility, once the driver is installed.
After testing the component device, you can choose to save the configuration file on the hard drive or load it from a selected location. The application saves the file in the folder defined in the file’s location. If you are dissatisfied with the current configuration file, you can create a new configuration file using a preset configuration file.
After verifying the component’s functionality, you can choose to change the sensor port, the COM port, or the device port. Once you’ve determined the settings, you can transfer the data, run tests or save it as a configuration file using the other functions.

If you want to check out the full list of all the supported components, please go to the components list from the main menu.
Also, you can run additional tests for each supported component using the test module provided by the utility.

Note: If you already have a GPS device, you can run an AT command to test the functionality of the device and save the settings. You can run the test by using AT + S

GPSComplete Crack+ Serial Key For PC (2022)

Lightweight application with a simple user interface that allows you to map outdated GPS
Configuration files are text-based with a simple, easy to use interface
Use the programs control and configuration menu to run tests for each of the components
Use the drivers provided to map outdated hardware and COM ports to the new sensor API
Install and uninstall drivers with ease
Query logs for errors and discover lost or broken components
No help documentation whatsoever
Simple GUI with three menus and two button bars
Support for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Simple configuration files in the “Mapped” and “Unmapped” folders
Transfer tool for copying settings and drivers
Settings files with all the information in plain text format
Error message reporting module in the Control menu
Many drivers and tests to fulfill different types of requirements
Simple upload component (Server-side)
Supports driver mapping (client-side)
Support for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Visual C++ 6.0
Modern understanding of Windows
Intermediate skill with C++
DirectX 8 or higher
GPS Complete Copyright (c) 2017
GPS Complete is free. You may redistribute and use this app in an unlimited number of copies of the program on an unlimited number of computers, just so long as you don’t charge for it.
GPS Complete Website:

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What’s New In GPSComplete?

This project is a free open source software that allows you to map old GPS sensor.

Originally designed to map Bluetooth and COM-based GPS devices to newer sensor interface but can also map old GPS to PC.

Transfers PC drivers and GPS sensors to each other.

Contains a transfer tool and a plug-in manager for each software component (PC, GPS and GPS)

Built-in test modules for each component (PC, GPS and GPS)

Can be extended via the GPSPlugins distributed within the project and the source code.

Can generate a map map of your PC.

Can be also used as an ILocation client.

Can be installed on demand.

GPSComplete Features:

GPSComplete allows to map old GPS devices (Bluetooth or COM) to a PC.
At the moment it can map:
GPS SIRF Star-3, SIRF Star-2, TomTom One, TomTom One HD, TomTom ONE, TomTom ONE HD, TomTom ONE HDi, TomTom ONE HDi Plus.

List of the TomTom ONE and TomTom ONE HDi models, as well as the new TomTom ONE HDi Plus can be found on the website
All models supported can be seen here:

Possible installation:
Windows 7 or later

With plug-ins you can map old Bluetooth GPS devices (Bluetooth and in general COM-based) to a PC (or any other hardware) using the driver provided by the PC (PC Driver) and the GPS device (Bluetooth and in general COM-based).
Supported GPS devices that use a COM port:
GPSComStar2, SIRF Zodiac, SIRF Sense, SIRF Star-1, SIRF Star-2, SIRF Star-3, SIRF Zodiac II, TomTom ONE.
Supported Bluetooth GPS devices:
GPSBluetooth, TomTom ONE, TomTom ONE HDi, TomTom ONE HDi Plus.

Please check the GPS devices supported in the settings.

This software is free to use for a non-commercial purpose, under the GPL v3 licence.

System Requirements:

Please see the system requirements listed below. If any of these requirements are not met, you will be unable to use the application.
Supported OS & Browser:
Windows 7/8/10
Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox 35
Google Chrome 49
Safari 7
Latest supported OS & browser:
Supported OS and browser may not support all features in the


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