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Feminine Planets in Astrology Moon and Neptune. - SONG SIGNS

Lógica Astrologica

As above so below There's music in the planets there's music in the earth. Celestial bodies shine thru a kaleidoscope Lights and colors warmth entrance Rhythmic vibrations to get up and dance. The skies are alive the sun isn't dead From Mercury to Pluto That I Am... divine correspondence.

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Feminine Planets in Astrology Moon and Neptune.

Feminine planets in Astrology

Dominants: Moon, Neptune, Jupiter

Moon and Neptune are known as feminine planets in astrology. Just like, its counterpart Venus.

Feminine qualities like receptivity and emotion, are key factors within these astral bodies.

Now, let us see. As an embodier of Moon and Neptune energy. Sia is asking for help. She states that she is in need. Feels unsafe, and may break.

We know that the most vulnerable signs in astrology are the water signs. Especially Cancer and Pisces. And with a Moon and Neptune dominant, Sia is bringing Cancer and Pisces energy into her life.  Since, the Moon corresponds to Cancer and Neptune corresponds to Pisces.

But why vulnerable?

Because, Cancer and Pisces navigate the world predominantly thru their feelings and emotions, as all water signs do. They develop hyper-sensitivities. Which in turn, can make them overwhelm easily. Almost drowning in emotion.

Imagine them almost having a sixth sense. A lot of them actually do! Like a radar, they absorb outer energies and feelings through their own electromagnetic field. The more sensitive you are, the more you feel. Therefore, the more impressions or messages you can receive. Why wouldn’t one then, be prone to overwhelm?

Sometimes these “messages” are incomprehensible. That is to say, these people more than anyone else, need to sort themselves out constantly. Meditation, artistic expression and relaxation are good outlets to re-calibrate.  As a result, Moon and Neptune dominants  deeply commit themselves to mysticism, healing, or the arts.

Yearning to be hold

Water needs containment. If not, it will dissipate and get lost. That is why earth signs are a necessity to water signs. As is water to earth.

Wrap me up, enfold me.

So the moon is that satellite watching over us while we cloak ourselves to sleep. Her quiet stillness soothes and comforts. Sia yearns feeling cocooned and protected. Clearly, exemplifying the sweet tenderness of a Moon dominant.   Another tender moon


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