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Lógica Astrologica

As above so below There's music in the planets there's music in the earth. Celestial bodies shine thru a kaleidoscope Lights and colors warmth entrance Rhythmic vibrations to get up and dance. The skies are alive the sun isn't dead From Mercury to Pluto That I Am... divine correspondence.

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Download PictureThis: Identify Plant, Flower, Weed and More

It will auto trim the playslide, ads, commercials, intros and endings, music, etc.
It will auto pause, mix the right music and commercials in the right order.
It will do the mixes for you if you want.
In simple words, it is only “AirMIX”!

It is easy to use, the 2 step program.
How to use:
Step 1: Click “Add tracks” button
Step 2: Select the track you want and click OK
Step 3: The program will automates the tracks for you.

You will get the result like this:
* You can mix the music and commercial you want in the right order.
* You can easily edit the mixes.
* You can control it easily and play music manually.

With a real-time feature, the result of the mixing will be displayed on the screen.

When the program is active, it will automatically pause the music. If the music has finished, it will automatically play the ending of the track.

WAV is the standard format for digital audio recording, and is a file format which can store music and other sounds on a computer. The digital representation of a sound wave (a combination of air pressure and current) is stored as a sequence of numbers (like an equation) which tells the computer how much air pressure should be present to produce the current sound. When stored in this format, the sequence of numbers can be easily read by a computer and put back together as a sound wave. The file extension.wav is often used to indicate a sound file is in the WAV format.

What is it?

WAV format is a standard format for storing sound, especially digital sound, or digital music. The term WAV is short for Waveform Audio File. It is named after the WAVE (pronounced WAH-ve) format, which was an early example of the format. Files stored in the WAV format, and similar WAVE format files, are frequently compressed to save disk space. They are stored on computers or portable media in a form called a sound file.

Why is it used?

WAV files are usually found on CD’s, MP3 and computer music software packages and can be used in many ways by computer users. These include playing as background sound, recording music, and making MP3 files.

How to play.wav file on the computer?

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Weighing only 21 MB and running on Android, waves decomposer is a lightweight and easy to use application that can process audio input from a microphone and transform it into a colorful sinus wave.
waves decomposer Features:
* Sound:
Weighing only 21 MB and running on Android, waves decomposer is a lightweight and easy to use application that can process audio input from a microphone and transform it into a colorful sinus wave.
* Automatic Adjustment of the Frames-per-second Rate
* Supports multiple audio inputs
* Supports multiple output audio
* Supports multiple screen size and orientation
* There are three output sound:
1) As mp3,wav or ogg(vorbis) file.
2) Show the speaker’s voice that’s coming from the audio device.
3) It can also send the vibration to vibrator if it’s connected to Vibration mode.
* It’s FREE!
* The sound wave is very beautiful.
* It has many high quality effects and filters to create your desired wave.
* You can set different frame rate, pitch, volume and pan.
To set the effects, press the “R” button.
To change the settings, press the “S” button.
To add the scale to the slide in the sinus wave, press the “V” button.
To change the colors, press the “C” button.
To change the pitch, press the “B” button.
To change the volume, press the “A” button.
To change the pan, press the “D” button.
To set the frame rate, press the “W” button.
To show the battery’s percentage, press the “M” button.
To stop the app, press the “X” button.
It is our pleasure to let you know that you can download the latest version of waves decomposer on Android phones for free.
we think that you enjoy the app and we hope that you have a happy experience using this app.

We are very sorry for letting you know that waves decomposer (version) is no longer available on Google Play, because we have decided to remove it to the archive.
But don’t worry because we have another alternative you can try:
View and download our other related apps on the Google Play store:
3.RFFT (Real Feel Free


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