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As above so below There's music in the planets there's music in the earth. Celestial bodies shine thru a kaleidoscope Lights and colors warmth entrance Rhythmic vibrations to get up and dance. The skies are alive the sun isn't dead From Mercury to Pluto That I Am... divine correspondence.

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CustomChat Server Crack Free For Windows Latest

The CustomChat Server is for advanced programmers and novices. The CustomChat Server requires only a browser for an Administrator to manage chat rooms.
There is no hardware or software for the end user to download or install, and the system is intuitively set up for Administrators to maintain community features through a FAST Web interface – Use the Room Creator to design and create a totally customized conference area with multiple chat rooms in minutes.
Embed Audio and Video or presentations. It is the most customizable resource for Web Developers, Web Designers and Internet Service Providers wishing to provide a Real Time multimedia enabled and e-commerce ready chat-solution to their clients.
This software can be totally branded to your corporate identity, without losing control of your design.
To get started go to the CustomChat folder in your start menu (Program Files), double click on the CustomChat icon. This will start the CustomChat Server.
You will see a small hourglass appear for a few seconds and then disappear.
Open your Browser, Netscape 4.0 or better, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
or better.
Type this URL in your Address/Location slot in your Browser:
Hit enter on your keyboard. This will open your browser to the CustomChat Server and Sample Area Live List page with 4 Sample Chatrooms.
You may use any User Name and Password to Login, but if you want to have editing and creating control over the chatrooms you will have to Login as the Administrator.
* To log in as the Administrator, type this URL in your Address/Location slot in your Browser: http://localhost:6743/?Reset
A little gray Login box will pop-up, requiring a User Name and Password.
Type in the Administrative User Name and Password:
User Name: admin
Password: gofish
(both are case sensitive – we suggest you change the password ASAP
so that no one else can log in as the Admin)
If you ever forget your Super Admin password, you can find it in the file called chat.properties
Click on the OK button.
This will refresh the Live List page and you will now see the Administrative interface.
For the end user:
Here are some key features of “CustomChat Server”:
■ Nothing to download or install
■ The CustomChat server is WebTV and AOL friendly (users with Netscape or IE may choose Real Time chat where messages appear automatically)
■ Chatters may use Voice chat and their own Webcam input
■ Chatters may choose to post images, sounds and multimedia files inside the rooms
■ Chatters can configure the room and talk privately 1 on 1 or with a group of selected chatters by selecting a checkbox next to each chatters’ name.
■ Easily ignore other chatters
■ Although chatters can use the full power and flexibility of HTML to format their messages, they are not required to know cryptic commands to chat, such as #join or /msg
For Administrators:
Here are some key features of “CustomChat Server”:
■ Custom Live Listing of users (allows users to see who is in a room before entering)
■ Custom Live List Header with your logo and graphics
■ Boot disruptive users – Block IPs
■ Customizable Bad Word filters
■ Hide rooms from public view
■ Save transcripts from chat sessions in HTML format
■ Customized exit page URL
■ Customized cancel page (users will see this page if they choose not to enter a room after clicking on the room name)
■ Customized help page
■ Custom Graphics as needed
■ Java 1.1.4 (or later) virtual machine
■ 486 processor
■ Windows 95 or better
■ 32 MB RAM
■ This demo is limited to 5 concurrent chat users


Download ✸✸✸ https://urllio.com/2naxyx

Download ✸✸✸ https://urllio.com/2naxyx






CustomChat Server Free For PC

CustomChat Server Free Download is the ultimate real-time chat solution that is totally customizable. It can be easily customized to your requirements. It is ideal for Corporations, Communitiy sites and Web sites where you wish to create a chat room to fulfill your clients’ requirements. It can also be used for Webinars and conferences.
Here are some key features of Cracked CustomChat Server With Keygen:
■ Supports Chatters: Users may participate in live, multi-user chat by entering a room and clicking on the custom chat button
■ Supports Anonymous Chaters: Free to use, free of charge. You don’t have to identify yourself.
■ Supports Image Chats: Users may post images in their own words for other people to read
■ Supports Audio Chats: Users may post voice or sounds in their own words for other people to read
■ Customizable: You can easily remove unwanted room codes with our Custom Room Editor
■ Custom Room Editor: You can easily create rooms and delete them. The system will send a list of live room codes to the server and will automatically delete the rooms that are no longer active
■ Custom Content: Users may post images, videos, sounds and text files inside the rooms
■ Customizable Help: You can easily remove unwanted room codes with our Custom Room Editor
■ Modular: You can easily customize the system to meet your requirements.
■ Easy to Setup: Administering this system is so easy.
■ There is no software or hardware to install.
■ Users Log In: Users can easily create or log into rooms to chat with others.
■ Low Cost: This system is totally free and is effective and reliable.
■ Suitable For Corporations: This system is ideal for community sites and Web sites where you wish to create a chat room to fulfill your clients’ requirements. It can also be used for Webinars and conferences.
■ Easy to Use: The CustomChat server is really easy to use. CustomChat Server allows you to create a virtual room by visiting the CustomChat Server Live List page, and by clicking on the “Add a Room” button. You will then see a blank form with the room title. Fill out the form and press the “Create” button. The room name will appear in the Live List page.
CustomChat Server User Guide:
CustomChat Server User Guide:

CustomChat Server Free Download [Win/Mac]

The CustomChat Server is a real-time multi-user chat application designed to run on your own computer.
Unlike most other programs, CustomChat Server is made for web programmers and web designers.
Users can design chatrooms with complete freedom without any programming knowledge, and do it in minutes.
We designed CustomChat Server to make it easy for web programmers and web designers to get started in real time, multimedia, chat.
Real time chat allows you to really see how each other is dressed, where you grew up, how you get home from work, what kind of hobbies your friends like etc.
A Modular architecture allows thousands of chat rooms with complete control over the audience and the media.
This is software not just for the novice but also the advanced software developer.
The CustomChat Server is fully customizable so that you can create an unlimited number of rooms and customize them to your heart’s content.
In addition, you can choose to ignore other chatters, block their IP addresses, and set your own discussions aside.
The idea behind CustomChat Server is to replace telephoning or email with Web chats.
Since this is a real time application with all your friends communicating with you in real time.
The Web is the natural platform to develop real time, multimedia applications.
CustomChat is full featured for real time communications, allows you to see each other online, see our list of available rooms or just choose to be invisible.
Like the following detailed examples.
Example One:
Below is the Sample Room area that CustomChat Server comes with on the Live List page:
CustomChat Server Examples
Entering a room
When you hover your mouse over the room name, you will see a little message pop up stating: “This room is for Registered Users only. Please use in as the Name”.
If you have never created a room before, then the Demo area will be your first room.
We will get to that in just a second.
If you have created a room before (if you have, please keep in mind the default names below), then we will use the Demo Area as the Sample room.
If you have not entered a room before and you are just using the Demo Area, just hover your mouse over the Demo Area (or which ever chatroom you want to be the sample chatroom) name.
A little message pop-up will appear saying “This Room is for Users (or Listeners)” and it will say “You have

CustomChat Server

The CustomChat Server is ideal for adult oriented group videoconferencing, corporate and government presence and alert system and online press releases. The CustomChat Server allows your customers and viewers to control a chat room, have a private one-on-one conversation with a group of selected chatters, communicate with the group or work out a solution with other chatters, have audio and video broadcasts and podcasts, and control how their message is displayed to other users. Users can customize rooms by selecting a picture, logo, bad words, text color, text size, and message font. This is especially valuable for e-commerce where the customer can clearly see the prices of the items being purchased.
CustomChat Server Features:
■ Create multiple chatrooms, each with a separate room title
■ Allow individual chatters to make private one-on-one conversations
■ Allow individual chatters to send private messages to a selected group of chatters, their friends, or the entire chatroom.
■ Create and administer personal folders
■ Create and administer multiple custom topics
■ Administration Page for customizing room appearance
■ Logins: You can login as any chatter and change their appearance, ignore them, ban them, etc.
■ Ability to view and post member’s photos and digital slideshows
■ Ability to create presentations that can be automatically read to the chatters by logging the chatroom
■ Enable or disable the chatroom audio and video broadcast features
■ Ability to call the AOL telephone number (or any other number) from within the chatroom
■ Ability to print room information (URL, title, etc.) when the chatroom is saved as an HTML file
■ Ability to use cookies for chatroom content caching
■ Ability to view and post chatroom transcripts in text format, which you can later save as an HTML file.
■ Ability to post custom sound files, and test the audio functions from within the chatroom
■ Ability to use custom colors and text fonts for chats, banners, group names, flashcards, and chat names
■ Ability to share current chatroom URL
■ Ability to save the chatroom as an html file that you can later open with your browser.
Important Notes:
■ The copywrite, trademark, and copyright laws prohibit distribution of this software.

What’s New In CustomChat Server?

CustomChat Server is a PHP based chat server that can be used as a window into a chatroom database. CustomChat Server is a component designed to run through your websites and allow your users to communicate in private groups. A custom chat room is a room where a user can have their own code with their own modules inserted into it. This component can be used for free or commercial websites.
The CustomChat Server was developed by George Zwick, author of
■ WebStream Software Inc. (
■ Personal Web Portal Creator V2.2
■ ACE2

George Zwick, Internet Webmaster/WebDeveloper
February 2003


System Requirements:

Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
4GB of RAM
1.5GB of available hard-disk space
DirectX 11-compatible video card
1GHz or faster processor
Internet connection
1 Internet connection is required for Steam. Please note that games requiring an Internet connection may be restricted depending on your region. For more information on playing games via Steam please refer to the Steam Subscriber Agreement found here.
The REFORGED category is supported on the desktop version of the game. In order to


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